Press Release

Pawnee Public Works Authority receives $8,310,000 loan from the OWRB for water and wastewater system improvements

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May 16, 2023

Press Release

OKLAHOMA CITY – Pawnee Public Works Authority (Authority) received approval for a $8,310,000 Financial Assistance Program (FAP) loan Tuesday from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) to improve their water and  wastewater infrastructure.

The Authority will use a portion of proceeds for water treatment plant improvements that will include clarifier repairs and coating, a chlorine dioxide fee, a backwash recovery pump station, chemical storage and feed improvements, and intake structure enhancements. At the wastewater treatment plant, the Authority will be replacing lift station pumps, four (4) blowers, two (2) motive pumps, one (1) sludge pump, and electrical circuits. In addition, the Authority will fund projects to restore functionality of the gravity belt thickener, construct a retaining wall, install a crane for pulling pumps, and for the installation of approximately 1,200 automated water meters throughout the city.

According to Joe Freeman, chief of the OWRB’s Financial Assistance Division, the Authority’s customers will save an estimated $268,700 over the life of the 31-year loan compared to traditional financing. The loan shall be secured with a lien on the revenues of the Authority’s water, sewer, electric, and sanitation systems, a 1.5 cent sales tax, and a mortgage. Pawnee’s Mayor, Alice Cottle, stated, “We appreciate OWRB’s consideration for the water and wastewater system improvements.”