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Mountain Park Public Works Authority

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April 18, 2022

Press Release

The Mountain Park Public Works Authority (Authority) in Kiowa County received approval for a $99,999 Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grant Monday through the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) to improve the Authority’s water infrastructure.

The Authority will use the proceeds to construct an in-tank aeration system for water circulation. Disinfecting drinking water has reduced waterborne disease drastically. However, byproducts which may result by the disinfection can sometimes have unintended effects. Therefore, by addressing this issue, this project helps to meet the public health goals for the state. The estimated cost of the project is $99,999 which is the amount of the requested REAP grant.

Joe Freeman, chief of the OWRB's Financial Assistance Division, calculated that the grant will save the Authority’s customers $150,500 in principal and interest charges by not having to borrow the project funds. Since 1983 the Water Resources Board has approved over $5.5 billion in loans and grants for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements throughout Oklahoma.

“We are grateful to Senator Brent Howard and Representative Gerrid Kendrix for their continued support of water and wastewater infrastructure funding in Oklahoma,” said Julie Cunningham, OWRB Executive Director.