Porter Public Works Authority

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The Porter Public Works Authority (Authority) located in Wagoner County serves 249 sewer customers and 717 water customers. According to the 2010 U.S Census the population was 566.

The Authority’s current treatment process is oxidation ditch. The design average daily flow is 0.08 MGD, and the receiving waterbody is unnamed tributary to the Verdigris River which is listed on the 303(d) list for enterococcus.

The Authority’s sanitary sewer and wastewater collection system is antiquated and in need of upgrades. The town has received a notice of violation for failure to meet discharge limits. Additionally, there have been multiple years that the facility has reported partially treated bypasses of wastewater greater than 2 million gallons having to be discharged due to heavy rainfall events. The system is also missing critical components for efficient operation and redundancy. The facility has reported several events when power was cut off due to weather conditions. The sum of these deficiencies has resulted in multiple periods of the plant being inoperable and having to discharge partially treated wastewater while waiting on equipment to be repaired.

The Authority will utilize the funds to complete the planning and design phase of the WWTP improvements project. The project received 100% loan forgiveness for planning and design as Phase I loan forgiveness program.

These enhancements once designed and completed, will increase the wastewater treatment capacity, and improve the effluent being discharged into a small tributary of the Verdigris River.