Hinton Public Works Authority

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The Hinton Public Works Authority (Authority) located in Caddo County serves 785 sewer customers and 8 water customers. According to the 2010 U.S Census the population was 3,196.

The Authority’s current treatment process is secondary treatment. The design average daily flow is 0.75 MGD, and the receiving waterbody is Fisher Canyon Creek which is listed on the 303(d) list for fish bioassessments.

The Authority operates three total retention lagoon sites: the Love's Travel Stop lagoon, the town lagoons, and the Great Plains Correctional Facility lagoons. The Love's lagoons receive flow from the sewershed containing the Sugar Creek Casino, the Love's Travel Stop, and other businesses as well. The town lagoons handle the majority of the residential flow and several other local commercial facilities. The prison lagoons are dedicated solely to the correctional facility. The Authority has experienced issues with hydraulic overloading at the Love's lagoons and correctional facility lagoons during wet weather conditions, resulting in two consent orders being issued for operating with bypasses. In order to address the consent orders the Authority will use the funds to add additional irrigation capacity at the correctional facility lagoon, pumping the Love's sewershed flow into the town sewershed, and upgrading existing land application equipment.

These improvements will update the Authority’s sanitary sewer system and allow for effluent to be treated and discharged more effectively.