Guymon Utilities Authority

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The Guymon Utilities Authority (Authority) located in Texas County serves 4,098 sewer customers and 4,174 water customers. According to the 2010 U.S Census the population was 11,442.

The Authority’s current treatment process is sequential batch reactor/land application. The design average daily flow is 1.7 MGD, and the receiving waterbody is Beaver River which is listed on the 303(d) list for enterococcus.

The Authority has a water and gas metering system that is aging and failing. The age, condition and limitations of the existing system do not justify the expense of repairs. Furthermore, if repaired rather than replaced the system would not be capable of reading the gas meters. In order to address the issue, the Authority will replace the water meters with an AMR/AMI drive by or fixed base meter system and retrofit the gas meters with AMR meters and registers.

This gas meter portion of the project qualifies as a non-point source project under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, and the project helps meet Oklahoma’s Water for 2060 goals by focusing on water conservation through a reduction of unintended flows to the wastewater treatment plant and is recognized under Oklahoma’s Nonpoint Source Management Plan for an improved efficiency of natural gas use correlation with enhanced processes in natural gas production areas.