Dewar Public Utilities Authority

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The Dewar Public Works Authority (Authority) located in Okmulgee County serves 337 sewer customers and 354 water customers. According to the 2010 U.S Census the population was 888. The Authority’s current treatment process is a flow-through lagoon. The design average daily flow is 0.14 MGD, and the receiving waterbody is Coal Creek which is listed on the 303(d) list for fish bioassessments.

The Authority is under consent order for permit violations including BOD5, and TSS, discharge permit exceedances, DO concentration below required limits, construction violations, and operation and maintenance violations. In order to correct these violations, the Authority will utilize the proceeds to retrofit the existing facility and construction of a flow-through lagoon system with a cascade aerator.

The total project cost is $2,568,409 in which the Authority received $931,409 grant from HIS and $200,000 of the loan was forgiven as part of Phase II of the loan forgiveness program. The project will provide specific water quality benefits for community residents and businesses in and near the project area.